5 Signs of a Sinus Infection

5 Signs of a Sinus Infection

Nothing is worse than problems with your sinuses. While many other conditions can cause sinus irritation, sinusitis can be problematic for weeks or even months, and even turn into a chronic illness.

The ear, nose, and throat specialists at ENT of New Orleans, with offices in Chalmette, Harvey, New Orleans, and Marrero, Louisiana, can help identify true sinusitis and recommend the best treatment to relieve your discomfort and quash the problem for good.

Sinusitis basics

More than 30 million people develop a sinus infection, more properly known as sinusitis, every single year. While symptoms can often mimic those of a cold, flu, or allergy, sinusitis can be more problematic and have long-lasting side effects. 

Temporary infection and inflammation can mean a short-lived bout of sinusitis, which can be treated as an acute condition and won’t necessarily recur. However, prolonged infection and inflammation can lead to chronic sinusitis, for which you’ll need a preventive plan.

5 signs of a sinus infection

Sinusitis starts when your sinuses become inflamed and infected, whether by a virus, a bacterium, or an environmental cause. Sinuses respond to infection and inflammation with an immune response: mucus. The excess mucus quickly builds up, and can cause the following symptoms:

1. Congestion

One of the most common signs of sinusitis is congestion that’s difficult to get rid of, even with oral medications or nasal sprays. The nasal passages can get blocked, and you’ll find yourself struggling to breathe through your mouth, especially when lying down or trying to sleep. You may even start snoring.

2. Runny nose

If the mucus is thin, you may end up with a constant runny nose and the accompanying soreness around your nostrils as you try to mop up the flow of disgusting snot. You’ll wish you’d invested in Kleenex stock.

3. Nasal drip

Whether you’re congested or running like a faucet, the mucus overproduction can also get backed up in the rear of your throat and start running down over your adenoids. This can cause a raw, burning feeling. 

4. Headache

Pressure from inside the sinuses can cause a vicious headache that starts between the eyes and works its way up into the forehead. Getting rid of this kind of headache can be extremely difficult.

5. Facial pain

Anyone who’s suffered from acute or chronic sinusitis likely is familiar with the feeling of having been punched in the face. The swollen sinus passage can make it feel like your cheekbones are about to crack and your nose is going to blow clean off of your face.


At ENT of New Orleans, we can treat sinusitis using decongestants, saline washes, antibiotics, and/or steroids. If you have chronic sinus infections, we may recommend sinus surgery.

Suffering from a sinus infection? Schedule a consultation with the team at ENT of New Orleans by calling the location closest to you or requesting an appointment online.

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