How Vestibular Rehabilitation Reduces Your Vertigo Symptoms

How Vestibular Rehabilitation Reduces Your Vertigo Symptoms

If the room is spinning but you’re standing still, you could have vertigo. For some people, vertigo is an ongoing issue with no clear cure. Fortunately, there’s a workaround that can help you manage your vertigo symptoms. 

The ear, nose, and throat specialists at ENT of New Orleans, with offices in Chalmette, Harvey, New Orleans, and Marrero, Louisiana, can help you understand what’s causing your vertigo and provide options, including vestibular rehabilitation.

Vertigo basics

Vertigo is often compared to motion sickness in that it can make you feel dizzy, sick, and cause waves of nausea. Some people end up actually vomiting, while others break out in a sweat or get a sudden, violent headache. If vertigo is caused by ear problems, you might even experience momentary tinnitus or hearing loss.

Peripheral vertigo is the most common form of vertigo, and is caused by issues with the vestibular system located in the inner ear. A number of conditions can lead to vestibular damage, including: 

Central vertigo is less common and is caused by an injury to the brain, such as trauma or stroke.

Vestibular rehabilitation

If your vertigo is thought to be temporary and treatable, we may recommend vestibular rehabilitation. This is an exercise program designed to help you trigger short episodes of vertigo in a controlled situation, so you can teach yourself to manage them quickly and effectively.

There are many different types of exercises included in vestibular rehabilitation, and we’ll work with you to find what works best to reduce your vertigo symptoms. 

You might need to move your head in certain ways to help shift calcium particles and stop a vertigo episode if you have BPPV. If you have central vertigo caused by concussion, we might turn to vision focus exercises, to help you learn how to center yourself and avoid bouts of dizziness.

Treatment can last for a few appointments or require several months of ongoing therapy. Many people find their vertigo resolves completely over time. For others, these exercises can be useful for intermittent vertigo over the span of their lives.

To learn more about vertigo, schedule a consultation with the team at ENT of New Orleans by calling the location closest to you or requesting an appointment online.

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