I Can't Breathe Comfortably Through My Nose: Do I Need Sinus Surgery?

I Can't Breathe Comfortably Through My Nose: Do I Need Sinus Surgery?

Temporary bouts of congestion are perfectly normal, especially if it’s allergy or flu season. However, if you find it difficult to breathe through one or both sides of your nose more often than not, it might be time to consult an ENT to determine what’s causing the problem and whether sinus surgery can fix it 

The providers at ENT of New Orleans, with four locations in the Greater New Orleans area, can consult with you over your breathing problems and help determine if you need sinus surgery to correct any issues with your nasal passages. 

Common sinus problems 

Many of us take ease of breath for granted, and only really suffer from congestion when we’re sick or forgot to take an antihistamine, but there are plenty of people in the world who struggle to breathe comfortably every day. 

Issues with your sinuses can cause ongoing, persistent congestion, making it difficult for air to pass through the nasal passages. While mouth-breathing can provide temporary relief, it’s uncomfortable, noisy, and can lead to bad breath and tooth decay. 

Chronic sinusitis and obstructions are the two most common causes of poor breathing through the nose. 

Sinusitis occurs when the sinuses become irritated, inflamed, or infected. Patients with chronic sinusitis will often experience an ongoing post-nasal drip, frequent sinus infections, and recurring bouts of congestion and difficulty breathing. 

Obstructions can also lead to poor breathing. Common causes of sinus obstruction include:

An otolaryngologist can examine the inside of your nose to check for obstructions, and review your medical history for signs of chronic sinusitis. Once the cause of your breathing problems has been diagnosed, we can begin discussing the best type of treatment. 

When surgery is necessary 

If you’ve had trouble breathing out of your nose for your entire life, there’s a good chance that surgery can resolve the issue. Sinus surgery or a medical rhinoplasty may be able to help correct structural problems caused by injuries or birth defects, like a deviated septum

Nasal polyps and other abnormal tissue can be removed using functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS), a minimally invasive procedure that uses a fiberoptic tube and a small balloon to expand your sinuses, making more room for airflow. 

ENT of New Orleans has been named a Center of Excellence for sinus procedures, and our team can help you decide exactly which treatment is best for you. 

Having trouble breathing? Schedule a consultation by calling the location nearest you, or request an appointment online.

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