Signs You Need May Need Your Tonsils Out?

Signs You Need May Need Your Tonsils Out?

Many children get their tonsils removed to alleviate sore throats and snoring, but just as many people live their entire lives without needing a tonsillectomy. A sore throat alone isn’t grounds for surgery, but if you’re experiencing chronic infections, sleep apnea, or bad breath, a tonsillectomy might be necessary to correct the issue for good. 

The ear, nose, and throat specialists at ENT of New Orleans, with offices in Chalmette, Harvey, New Orleans, and Marrero, Louisiana, can help identify if you need to have your tonsils removed.

Symptoms of tonsillitis 

Your tonsils are the two soft pads located at the back of your throat, with one on each side. They are part of the lymphatic system, and your immune system’s first line of defense. This makes them prone to infection, especially in children. 

Tonsillitis is the inflammation of the tonsils, but not all infections are a cause for concern. If you’ve ever experienced strep throat or “mono,” your tonsils have likely been infected before. Symptoms of tonsillitis include: 

When to consider a tonsillectomy 

Most infections are acute and respond to antibiotics, OTC medications, home remedies, and bedrest. However, some cases never quite clear up, leading to: 

Ongoing tonsillitis can result in further complications, including chronic halitosis (bad breath), fatigue, stomachaches, and headaches. All of these are signs that you might need your tonsils removed, and putting it off can cause your condition to worsen. 

The good news is that removing the tonsils doesn’t affect the function of your immune system, which is why many people had them routinely removed in the past. While not as routine today, tonsillectomies are still considered to be a safe, fast, and effective solution for problems relating to the tonsils. 

At ENT of New Orleans, our team has experience dealing with both pediatric and adult tonsillitis. We can help diagnose what’s causing your symptoms, and determine whether surgery is necessary. 

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