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If you suffer hearing loss, you’re also missing out on much of what is happening around you, which can socially isolate you. Gregory Pippin, MD, Adil Fatakia, MD, and their team at ENT of New Orleans offers in-office audiology services and customized hearing aids to men and women in New Orleans, Louisiana. Don’t accept hearing loss as an inevitable consequence of growing older when there are effective solutions available. Call or schedule your appointment online today to get started.

Hearing Aids Q & A

What causes hearing loss?

Many different things can contribute to hearing loss, but growing older and exposure to loud noises are most common. Researchers find that hearing fades from the 40s onward. By 80 around half of all men and women will have suffered significant hearing loss.

Exposure to noise can damage your hearing, even at younger ages. Some people are exposed to noise as part of their occupation, while others encounter noise during recreational pursuits. As more and more people use headphones or earphones on a frequent basis, hearing loss is likely to rise.

Genetic factors, head injury, certain medications, and infection can also lead to hearing loss.

How do I know if I’m experiencing hearing loss?

Most hearing loss is gradual, developing slowly. You can adapt to declining hearing for years without realizing it.

Some indications that you’re experiencing hearing loss include often having to ask others to repeat what they just said, having to turn the volume up on your TV or radio, and having trouble hearing the doorbell or the phone.

Other indications include needing to pay close attention to the lip movements of someone talking to you, not being able to hear sounds like birds chirping, watches ticking, or water running, and feeling like others are mumbling.

If your friends and family point out that your hearing doesn’t seem to be what it once was, you will want to consider booking a professional hearing evaluation.

How do hearing aids help with hearing loss?

Hearing aids are small devices that are worn in or behind your ears. They amplify sounds to augment your natural healing. According to researchers, around 1 in 5 patients who could benefit from hearing aids actually use them.

Some hearing aids are worn behind your ears, with a thin tube connecting to a smaller device that fits in your outer ear. One option only requires a small behind-the-ear portion and a tube, with nothing in the inner or outer ear.

Another type fits completely inside your outer ear. Some in-the-ear hearing aids use a telecoil to conduct sounds, while others use a microphone.

Canal hearing aids fit inside your ear canal. These are the smallest options and are virtually undetectable once in place. They do trade size for volume, though, and won’t help those with severe hearing loss.

Bone conduction hearing aids have an external portion and a surgically implanted device that sits within the bone tissue behind your ear, transferring sound vibrations directly to your cochlea, the part of your inner ear containing the nerves that turn vibrations into sounds your brain can decipher. The two portions can be connected with a small lead or by using small magnets.

If you’d like to explore these options in more detail or need a professional hearing test, call the office today to book an exam or try the easy online scheduling tool. ENT of New Orleans also offers hearing aid fittings.

We see patients all throughout the Greater New Orleans area. Call us to book your appointment today.