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When you or your child is experiencing problems with your tonsils, having a trusted specialist to turn to can make a world of difference. For those in the greater New Orleans, Louisiana, area, Gregory Pippin, MD, and Adil Fatakia, MD, of ENT of New Orleans, offer excellent care for all ear, nose, and throat needs, including issues with tonsils. Booking an appointment takes just minutes online or over the phone.

Tonsils Q & A

What are tonsils?

Your tonsils sit at the rear of your throat, one on each side. They are formed from tissue that is similar to your lymph nodes covered by mucosa and are oval-shaped.

Tonsils play a role in your lymphatic system, which helps prevent infection. Researchers find that removing your tonsils has no negative effect on your immune function, however.

What kind of problems can develop with tonsils?

Many people go through their entire lives without any problems with their tonsils. For others, issues arise again and again. Tonsillitis, which is a bacterial or viral infection of your tonsils, can happen once or many times.

A peritonsillar abscess can develop when infection forms a pocket of pus at the sides of your tonsil, forcing it to move out of position. Acute mononucleosis (commonly called “mono”) is a viral infection that can cause severe swelling of the tonsils and pain.

Some people develop enlarged tonsils, which can make it difficult to breathe freely while sleeping. Tonsil stones form when debris trapped in your tonsils calcifies.

Symptoms of tonsil problems include:

  • Sore throat
  • Bad breath
  • White or yellow patches on or near your tonsils
  • Stiff neck
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Fever
  • Enlarged lymph nodes in your neck

These symptoms, especially if they’re severe or happen often, should prompt a visit to ENT of New Orleans.

What treatments help with tonsil ailments?

Many cases of tonsillitis can be treated with medication. For those who experience repeated tonsillitis or if your condition doesn’t respond to drug therapy, a surgery called a tonsillectomy offers relief by removing your tonsils.

An adenoidectomy is a surgery to remove your adenoids, which are small glands in the roof of your mouth. This procedure is often done at the same time as a tonsillectomy and can effectively treat chronic respiratory and throat infections.

While tonsil problems can come up at any age, children are particularly prone to them. The team at ENT of New Orleans includes specialists in pediatric ENT who offer personable and compassionate care to young patients.

If you or a loved one experiences frequent sore throats or other throat problems, schedule a diagnostic exam at ENT of New Orleans. You can book a visit in moments online or over the phone.

We see patients all throughout the Greater New Orleans area. Call us to book your appointment today.